What’s your role at Dean St. Studios and how long have you been there?

I’m an assistant engineer and I have been here since the beginning of November 2018.

What first made you want to get into this kind of role?

I first became interested after I started writing and producing my own music, I wanted to learn how to record what I was doing and it progressed from there.

What were your first steps into the industry? And did you get a formal education in a related subject?

I started off as a musician, firstly piano and violin and then later guitar, I began to write and produce when I was around 16. I studied Music Production as an A Level and then went on to get an Advanced Diploma in music production and sound engineering at the Abbey Road Institute. After that I went to Studios 301 in Australia to intern for 2 months before coming back and getting started here.

What have been your favourite or most memorable experiences in the industry so far?

I’d say my favourite experiences are the ones where you have a bit of a laugh with clients, not even necessarily big household names – but I love to work with people where you can talk and it feels as though you have made the experience a bit more personal.

What artists have you worked with? 

I have assisted a couple of sessions with Marc Almond, Carrie Fletcher and  Jacob Banks, to name a few.

What are your goals for the future?

I’d like to do a bit of everything. Producing, engineering, mixing and even some writing. I enjoy being creative with music. I’d love to work with Fyfe, Grandson and Lana del Rey.

Top 5 tracks that you wish you’d have worked on?

1. Arctic Monkeys – Four out of Five
2. Leyya – Butter
3. Phantogram – You don’t get me high anymore
4. SAULT – Don’t Waste My Time
5. Tame Impala – Elephant

Favourite gig you’ve been too?

Anderson .Paak and Dr Dre in Brixton.