Studio 1

The Flagship

Studio 1

In the heart of Soho stands a very special studio. Dean St. Studios is one of the last professional-level large-format recording studios in Central London and Studio 1, the flagship studio, has an incredible backstory that attracts some of the World’s most successful artists.

Apart from some redecoration and updated technology, Studio 1 remains the same as Tony Visconti dreamt and created in 1976. With an incredible warmth, the studio strikes a balance between old techniques and new technologies, allowing the perfect environment for creativity. Running alongside our 48 channels of pristine SSL Duality, we have a wealth of plugins and a beautiful 8-channel prototype Shadow Hills preamp.

This blend of old-meets-new continues into our 650 square foot Live Room which features an outstanding backline collection, featuring amps and instruments owned by Alvin Lee, George Harrison and Oasis, plus a beautiful Steinway Classic-Grand piano.

Equipment List

Discover our incredible collection of recording equipment, as well as Amps, Guitars and Drums and our beautiful Steinway Classic- Grand Piano. All available to you at no extra cost when you book Studio 1.


As well as offering the finest in both tracking and mixing, we also offer the following services:




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