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Studio 4

Dean St.

Studio 4

Our Latest Innovation

Studio 4 is Dean Street’s newest room, recently renovated and upgraded to the pinnacle of 21st Century standards, as well as to the exacting specifications involved in state-of-the-art Atmos for Music design.

As the original control room for Studio 1 during the early days of Good Earth, the new room has been rebuilt with the singular vision of matching (and even bettering) the sound of our spatial audio system in Studio 1. The acoustics of the space have been entirely revamped, with the installation of a true floating floor and double-spaced walling – ensuring total isolation from the bustle of outside studio life.

Floor Plan & Equipment List

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Floor Plan & Equipment List

For monitoring, the room features a 9.1.4 PMC setup based on the iconic MB3s as fronts, and PMC’s new Ci series as surrounds, also utilising the same tried and tested interfacing that can be found in our other Atmos room to simplify the movement of mixes between rooms.

Aesthetically, the mixer is greeted with an entirely customisable space, backed up by our traditional Dean St livery. Overhead Phillips Hue lighting and surrounding LED strips afford any engineer working in the space the freedom to set the room for their preferred working conditions – getting the best from any mix.

Studio 4 represents our approach to spatial audio in its totality: a combination of no-compromise technical design with the humanising elegance of our trademark comfort-first approach to studio creation. We believe it is one of the finest and best-sounding rooms in London to experience, as well as to mix, your music in Atmos.

Designed to reference standards, through a collaboration with Dean St, Veale Associates, Dolby and PMC Speakers.


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