In 2017, we had Vik Sharma in the studio, recording the soundtrack for Merchant’s new film ‘Fighting with my Family’, based on WWE superstar Paige.

As big WWE fans, we were very excited to go and check the film out – we weren’t disappointed! Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, the film is fantastic. It’s a funny and feel-good, utterly heartwarming story, that makes you want to go and kick some ass!

The soundtrack is a wonderful mix of some classic rock – think Iron Maiden and Motorhead – plus some original compositions by Vik Sharma. Featuring Graham Coxon of Blur on guitar and Jason Cooper of The Cure on drums.

The film is undeniably British, even if half of it is set in the US, and the soundtrack is in keeping with that. With the end-result conjuring up a sort of…stripped-back punk sound that blends with what you’re seeing on the big screen perfectly.

‘Fighting with my Family’ is out now and the soundtrack is available both on Spotify and to purchase.