With current events making live-streaming a far more necessary part of every musicians life, we’ve been inundated with queries about best practices and techniques. We are now offering live-streaming setup, training and consultation to any interested musicians, managers or labels.

Our live-streaming engineer has previously worked with Pendulum, Four of Diamonds, Dolapo, Delta Heavy, Matrix & Futurebound, Koven and 303.

  • Synchronise performances from different locations to jam with band mates, crossfade between DJs, collaborate with writers and cross promote with other artists.
  • Multicam angles and audio streams to enable more engaging content.
  • Maximise your audience reach by simultaneously streaming across Instagram, Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch.
  • Troubleshoot common problems with connection reliability, quality and latency.
  • Room acoustics, microphone placement and monitoring solutions for getting the best sound you can from your own home.

As a Limited Time offer, prices start from £60/hour.