What is your role at Dean St. Studios and how long have you been here?

My role at Dean St is Head engineer. I have been in this role since May 2017 but I joined the studio back in September 2012

What first made you want to get into this kind of role?

I sort of landed in this role by chance. I definitely wanted to be involved in music, certainly on the creative side. I’d been in bands and played a lot. Before deciding on whether to go to uni or not I met Jazz who offered me a chance to come and intern at the studio. I’ve stayed ever since.

What were your first steps into the industry? And did you get a formal education in a related subject?

My first steps into the industry were through starting at Dean St. really. Since being there almost 7 years I’ve met and built many relationships with people in the industry. Prior to that I did a music tech course at college for two years, which covered all the basics. It was really through climbing the ranks at Dean st, assisting many engineers/producers, that gained my knowledge of how things should be done.

What have been your favourite or most memorable experiences in the industry so far?

Some of my favourite memories in the industry have been working out in Europe and the UK at live music events, as stage hand and stage manager. They were a real challenge as the pressure is different to being in the studio. It was also awesome to be given the opportunity to work abroad.

My fondest memories of Dean St. would have to be assisting on albums back when I was starting out, for artists such as Jim Stapley and Hero Fisher. These would be week long sessions and It was really interesting to get a taste of how albums are made.

What artists have you worked with? 

I have worked with a huge variety of artists over the years. Ranging from big 80s stars, such as, Ub40, Marc Almond, Spandau Ballet. To more recent artists who artist such as Demob Happy, Stereo Honey and Oli Fox.

Some notable albums I’ve worked on are James Arthurs ‘Back from the Edge’ which was a worldwide success and ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ is the 9th most streamed song on Spotify. I also assisted on Adele’s ’25’ album, which was a grammy wining album.

What are your goals for the future? 

I would be to carry on engineering and getting better/working with bands and artists. Preferably making albums. I would also consider a stint abroad.

Top 5 tracks that you wish you’d have worked on?

1. Foo Fighters – Rope

2. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

3. Daft Punk – Around the World

4. Stevie Wonder – Do I Do

5. Kanye West – Black Skinhead

Favourite gig you’ve been to? 

My favourite gig I’ve been to has to be Fleetwood Mac at the O2 in December 2017. Austen [previous Head Engineer at Dean St.] had  worked with their front of house engineer and succoured us tickets. We were sat right by the mixing desk.