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Our Mission

Since 2008, AnalogueTube has been producing tube audio compressor equipment for Studios, Engineers and Producers around the World. Our experience and expertise led us to combining traditional wiring with modern construction, allowing us to construct the AT Series Compressors. This blend of classic and modern technology enhances your program, bringing music back to life.

At our new home at Dean St. Studios, our products are expertly assembled entirely by hand using high quality modern passive components as well as transformers, tubes and original standard parts. Artists, Engineers and Producers have all raved about the pleasing effect on the ear that our products bring to their work.

Our mission has always been to build life back to products that have for many years been unavailable. With a unique emphasis on manufacturing that focuses workmanship, attention to detail and an open ended commitment to customer satisfaction we believe that once you own Analoguetube products you own them for life.


Get in touch with us via email or speak to us on the phone directly so we can organise and nurture the best environment for your creativity.

I've had this unit now for one month, and it is really great. Simon, you made a big sound vision real! Not everybody can build such a soundbox!!

Far more open and cleaner sounding than any original Fairchild unit I have ever used.

Simon travelled out to my Kent studio to have a look at some problems with my DDA Console that several others had been unable to diagnose. He was so thorough and knowledgeable, and managed to track down both the problems and have the console back up to its former glory in only a few hours!