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Dean St. Studios isn’t your standard studio. From the moment you open the oversized, jet-black door you instantly feel at home. You find yourself walking down a staircase with walls that are wallpapered with the scrawls of the many incredible artists that have recorded here.

It doesn’t feel like a normal working environment, because it isn’t. We want to keep Dean St. Studios as a place with heart and feeling. A place that inspires, develops, enables and supports creativity for all our clients and team members.

Encompassing the heart of Soho, we want to push the idea of community. Something that, we feel, is missing from a lot of our industry. Collaborating with artists, engineers, producers and other businesses to produce music and art that brings people together.


Our aim is to create a Studio that inspires, develops, enables and supports creativity. We’re not pushing a “Dean St. Sound” we want to help you discover yours.

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Rob MacFarlane


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Dean Street Studios have witnessed decades of musical legends roaming their halls and could tell some incredible, if sometimes unrepeatable, stories.

The premises were originally used in the 1950’s as a film studio, but its musical history truly began when the studio became Zodiac Studios, and later Good Earth Studios, when legendary producer Tony Visconti bought it and changed the name.

Described as one of the most important producers in the history of rock, Tony Visconti recorded music legends such as David Bowie, T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, U2, and so many others. As well as that, artists, including Tina Turner, Wham!, The Smiths and Duran Duran, would also hire out the studios independently to record.

In 1989, Visconti sold the lease to music production comedy Joe & Co. who developed some of the premises into music recording and production suites, however they left Visconti’s original control room and studio unaltered.

During this time the likes of Robert Plant, Pink Floyd, Tim Finn, Brian Molko, Bruce Hornsby and Cliff Richard all worked here. With the late, great Dusty Springfield recording her last ever track in Studio 1 in 1995.

However the history of the studios isn’t completely made up of musicians. In fact, some of the greatest actors have read here, including Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ben Kingsley, Robert Stephens, Harry Enfield, Julian Clary and Pete Postlethwaite. Plus, get ready for some magic, Stephen Fry also recorded the Harry Potter audio books within these walls!

Rising again in 2007, this time as Dean Street St. Studios, the studio is proud to say they are continuing to make history with more incredible artists, including Adele, Noel Gallagher, John Legend, Florence + the Machine, Plan B, Tom Odell, Take That and Jonas Blue.

We’re very proud of our history and it goes some way to explaining why Dean St. Studios is so special. Not only because we have such an incredible music catalogue of recordings, but because we feel that we are one of the last remaining studios who truly care about our clients and the industry we work in. And we can’t wait to continue making history.

Dean Street Studios is my kind of studio. Why? Because I built it in 1979. It is still going strong, hardly changed except it’s prettier. The sound is better than ever (a combo of retro and modern) and the Soho atmosphere is extremely conducive for making great records.

I had the pleasure of using the AT-101 for a couple of weeks soon after the unit had been completed. Without doubt a very special bit of kit. Mixes for Mark Ronson and Adele both benefited from some heavy limiting on drums with this gear.

Simon travelled out to my Kent studio to have a look at some problems with my DDA Console that several others had been unable to diagnose. He was so thorough and knowledgeable, and managed to track down both the problems and have the console back up to its former glory in only a few hours!

Dean St Studios is a treasure in the heart of Soho, London. A wonderful studio with excellent facilities, a great history and the best engineers in town. My favourite studio ever.

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